A Day of Hope – February 22, 2014

On January 25th, the Ambassador Engagement Series held their 6th conference at Concordia University. The purpose of this meeting was to further establish our newly founded organization, HOPE (Helping Others in a Positive Environment).

As usual, the students started their day off enthusiastically and enjoyed breakfast before heading into an ice-breaker to get to know each other better. Next, students were divided into groups led by board members Justin, Anna, and Steven. Each group worked diligently to create our organization’s logo, slogan, and elevator speech.

After lunch, students were able to choose which committee they wanted to be a part of. The Fundraising, Activities, and Marketing committee began their work that day and were able to get a great start! It was only the beginning, yet the students were able to obtain donations, set up social media pages, and plan out our next big event- A Day of Hope. Overall, the students enjoyed their time and let their leadership skills shine while cooperating with their peers. The AAYLC Ambassador Engagement Series is now officially known as HOPE, and we invite you all to join us on February 22nd, for a Day of Hope!

Visit the Photo Gallery for a full photo album of the conference.


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