November 16, 2013 AES Conference Brings us to New Heights

The 5th Ambassador Engagement Series was a HIT!  Many students gathered together at Concordia University on November 16th to exercise their leadership skills and learned to work together as a team.  We had a very special speaker, Marshall Snider, Executive Director of Bridgetown, Inc. who delivered a very powerful message.  He helped us jumpstart our Teen Outreach project and has provided a good foundation for all of us to begin putting the project into action.

The students that attended said they had a lot of fun and appreciated that we had Marshall Snider come in to speak to us.  A lot of them said they couldn’t wait until the next conference and are looking forward to being able to reunite and meet new people.

Melissa Vu from Benson Polytechnic High School says:
Having Marshall as a guest speaker was one of my favorite parts of the conference.  He had an idea, set a goal, and through perseverance, he was able to make it come true. He was very inspirational and completely shifted my paradigm in a more positive direction. I also liked being able to meet and connect with other Asian American teens. They are now good friends as well as networks. Overall, AAYLC AES was a great experience for me and I can’t wait for upcoming conferences!

Anna Tsoi from David Douglas High School says:
This conference and the past conferences have been such a pleasure to attend.  It has broadened my insight and knowledge on many things such as: problem solving, working together, and especially being a leader.  The AAYLC: AES has allowed me to meet new friends and build new connections, which has benefited me in so many ways.  Everybody that attended the conferences were very forthcoming and kind to each other.  It was easy for all of us to get along and get down to business.  I look forward to attending the next conference! 🙂

Angel Le from Benson Polytechnic High School says:
AAYLC AES Series has been such an amazing experience from getting to know myself to the planning of a teen outreach program. I’ve learned a lot and have gained new friendships that will last.

Visit the Events Gallery for a full photo album of the conference.

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