Conference Information

2018 AAYLC "Ignite" // May 11th, 2018 @ Concordia University

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This year we are pleased to have John Eklof  speak at the conference.

To learn more about his background click here.




Hallyu Club (HC) is an interest club at Lincoln High School that focuses on the musical aspect of Asian culture. With diverse vocal and dance skill levels, ranging from beginner and advanced, together as a team we learn different songs and choreographies. We perform at many different events in the community, and also school assemblies in order to raise Asian awareness.

Hallyu Club is not just about the music but growing as individuals who strive to accomplish things they never imagined. Although our preparation for our very first performance at a Multicultural Assembly was stressful, we managed to perform with confidence that got everyone hyped. We performed BTS Boy meets evil/Lie, TWICE Cheer Up, and EXO Dancing King. Everyone in the audience screamed, clapped, and cheered us on, whether they understood what the lyrics meant or not.  It was truly a memorable moment for all our members who performed on that stage.

Hallyu Club does not depend on adults to learn choreographies or songs – it is all done by students. Hallyu Club in its entirety is not only about dancing our favorite KPOP, CPOP, or JPOP songs – it’s also about learning to teach others and learning from your peers. We also learn how to communicate with staff to organize events and grow as a leader.

We are honored to perform at AAYLC 2018. We are preparing for great and awesome KPOP, CPOP, and JPOP dances and songs that will be an experience not only all will enjoy. We will be performing songs that will surely “light the roof on fire”! Until then, make sure to sign up and join us for this awesome event!